Maal Road Dilli (2018) Hindi Full Movie Download

Maal Road Dilli

Maal Road Dilli (2018) Hindi Full Movie Download

An unfunny film that solely depends on the crude and vulgar for the jokes.

Cast & Crew
Director,Actor: Atul Sriva
Actor: Samarth Shandilya, Kumar Jeet
Release Date: 12 Oct, 2018

Maal Road Dilli (2018) Hindi Review: ( Full Review Coming Soon )
The sole connect between the title and so the film is that the incontrovertible fact that the four bachelors among the film live at Maal Road, in Delhi, that’s supposedly part where bachelors keep. the pals among the film Baljit (Rohin Robert), Karan (Atul Srtiva) and Abhijeet (Samarth Shandilya), ar all regular materialistic in operation men with unhealthy love lives with the exception of Nitin. His sexual practice is rocking given the particular indisputable fact that he includes a gentle girlfriend Pooja (Sonia Kaur). merely three months keep of their wedding, Pooja gets a suggestion to steer the ramp and become a manakin. She takes it on and travels to city that has Karan become nervous. His worst favours ar completed once she chooses to break-up with him once he travels to city and slaps around Pooja’s bosses and acquaintances quite once.

The fact that it’s a moving-picture show supported city, you hope that a minimum of the dialogues area unit fun and mirror the flavour of the city. What you get instead ar tinny, misanthrope and sexist quotes terribly} very film that is purportedly relating to women management. The performances ar weak then is that the story. The producer is not sure whether or not or not he desires the film to be relating to love or relating to the fun and frolic that bachelors enjoys. There area unit films created on a throw budget that look sensible. but Maal Road Dilli fails miserably on that count, notably among the scenes where Pooja is shown walking a CGI ramp. the final word result’s Associate in Nursing humourless film that solely depends on the crude and vulgar for the jokes.


Maal Road Dilli (2018) Hindi Full Movie Download ( Link Coming Soon )

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