Chal Jaa Bapu (2018) Hindi Movie Full Download

Chal Jaa Bapu

Chal Jaa Bapu (2018) Hindi Movie Full Download

While the idea of catching bootleggers heavily invested in the world of fake currency is a noble thought, one simply cannot ignore the senselessness and lazy writing of ‘Chal Jaa Bapu’.

Cast & Crew
Director: Dedipya Joshii
Actor: Hrishitaa Bhatt, Zakir Hussain, Raju Kher, Himani Shivpuri, Ashutosh Kaushik
Release Date: 26 Oct, 2018

Chal Jaa Bapu (2018) Hindi Review: ( Full Review Coming Soon )
Born a conman, Ashu (Ashutosh Kaushik) manages to navigate through the various stages of his life by suggests that of deceit, however his fanaticismtowards self-proclaimed Godman (Zakir Hussain) drags him into the globe of pretend currency

A constant unpleasant person of a adult female Pallavi (Hrishita Bhatt) pesters Ashu to land a true job rather than going regarding conning folks. And, once some of grave misunderstandings, offers him Associate in Nursing demand to urge his act along as an alternative she’s going to sever all ties with him for all times. A hurt and anxious, Ashu address his guru FTO for higher luck and life, Associate in Nursingd his life takes an sudden flip that primarily forms the crux of this painfully long senseless comedy.

While the thought of catching bootleggers heavily endowed within the world of pretend currency may be a noble thought, one merely cannot ignore the vacuity and lazy writing of ‘Chal Jaa Bapu’. certain there have been some humourous punchlines thrown in at fits and starts, however sans that, there’s no real reason for North American country to deal out cash for this task.

The actors have either over or beneath acted, the shoddy camerawork is simply too onerous to ignore and also the length of this film will place even Associate in Nursing insomniac into deep sleep. All in all, please don’t create movies like ‘Chal Jaa Bapu’ unless you’ll tell the distinction between a drama project at school and a full-fledged movie industry Hindi picture show.


Chal Jaa Bapu (2018) Hindi Movie Full Download ( Link Coming Soon )