Andhadhun (2018) Hindi Full Movie Download


Andhadhun (2018) Hindi Full Movie Download

Open to various interpretations and unpredictable from beginning to end, AndhaDhun is an engaging thriller that keeps you on your toes and leaves you guessing all the way.

Cast & Crew
Director: Sriram Raghavan
Actor: Ayushmann Khurrana, Tabu, Radhika Apte, Zakir Hussain, Anil Dhawan, Ashwini Kalsekar
Release Date: 05 Oct, 2018

Andhadhun (2018) Hindi Review:
The scene, in a way, is additionally the thematic pivot of the film. a couple of blind musician, his girlfriend, a star from yesteryears, his young married person and a few dead bodies, Andhadhun isn’t a whodunnit, whydunnit, howdunnit. Secrets don’t seem to be unbroken off from the audience; they’re aware of and virtually participative within the crimes and misdemeanours. Yet, not quite. The Indian heritor of film director that Sriram Raghavan really is, his corpses area unit tips that could one thing profound—the human condition. In Andhadhun it’s all regarding the presence, state and state of wickedness—at times vile and transgressive; largely matter-of-fact, level-headed and commonplace; and generally even charmingly innocent, naive and weirdly clean-handed. It’s even gift within the DNA of the precocious child round the corner.

Simultaneously there’s the larger ethical core–the component of fate significance in an exceedingly lottery price ticket, however crime begets crime, however fate eventually catches up with the criminal. every of the characters, and successively the actors, offer their own distinct shade to their immorality—from the delicious fun that’s a wonderful “Lady Macbeth” Tabu to the sensible, sharp nevertheless vulnerable musician Ayushmann Khurrana. the 2 lead the ensemble from the front, with a nonmoving and rustic Chaya Kadam, a perennially and utterly at a loss Manav Vij, the hysterical Ashwini Kalsekar and a dour Zakir Hussain citing the rear.

In a crackle little bit of casting Anil Dhawan is that the 70s star United Nations agency permits Raghavan to take pleasure in his passion for the previous films and songs. ‘Mere pyaase mann ki bahaar’, ‘Ye jeevan hai’, ‘Guzar jaayein din din din’, ‘Teri galiyon mein atomic number 11 rakhenge kadam’, ‘Jai bholenath jai Ho prabhu’—these songs mark vital moments within the film. From the acknowledgment of Chhaya Geet and Chitrahaar within the gap credits to the stunning tribute to the piano songs within the finish credits—murder, music, pulp and longing make a potent combination within the hands of Raghavan.

While on the face of it giving things away Raghavan is truly perpetually a step earlier than the viewers within the cat and mouse game. he’s clever in engineering the unpredictability and also the by-the-minute twists and turns of the plot. It’s sheer chaos and chaos that rules however one that’s rigorously charted move into the filmmaker’s own head and script. whether or not the madness gets increasingly unruly and confusing to house within the half, there seems to be a deliberateness therein too—in lease things run utterly out of hand.

All the darkness comes laced humorously. Raghavan takes you to the sting of the seat with the heart beat athletics, causes you to keep dead reckoning when you’re chuckling. obtaining outwitted and brought out of the blue was ne’er additional diverting. The film completes an ideal arc from wherever it starts to however it ends. Cabbage, cats and color red; milestones and rabbits and liver and life all include a bigger that means hooked up. Missing the start, finish and something within the middle would then severely jeopardize what can be the foremost fun you’d have at the flicks.


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