706 (2019) Hindi Full Movie Download


706 (2019) Hindi Full Movie Download

From black magic and reincarnation to paranormal elements and eternal love, the director of the movie, Shravan Kumar, seems to have tried it all but nothing really works.

Cast & Crew
Director: Shravan Kumar
Actor: Atul Kulkarni, Divya Dutta, Mohan Agashe
Release Date: 11 Jan, 2019

706 (2019) Hindi Review:
When a noted doctor goes missing for eleven days, a 10-year-old tolerant his woman (who is additionally a doctor) comes forward and makes some surprising revelations. because the story unfolds, it’s disclosed that each one the characters within the film have secrets of their own that return to 1 explicit bedroom in residential district city. Dr Anil Asthana (Mohan Agashe) disappears below mysterious circumstances and at intervals eleven days of his a lot of promulgated disappearance, Dr Asthana’s shrink woman Dr Suman Asthana (Divya Dutta) is forced into meeting a baby (Yashvit Sancheti) with Associate in Nursing unknown medical condition, WHO seems to grasp plenty quite he’s leading on.

Had it not been for the e-ticketing portals, the audience would have struggled to with success determine the genre of this film – affirmative, it’s that haphazard. From magic and reincarnation to paranormal parts and eternal love, the director of the film, Shravan Kumar, appears to possess tried it about nothing very works. The picture taking reeks of unpreparedness and therefore the pace of the scenes and sequences at a pace slower than the slowest factor possible.

Veteran actors like Atul Kulkarni and Divya Dutta strive, however even they appear visibly lost and impartial once some extent. The story has been stretched on the far side painful lengths and could be a collection of all things outlandish. And, defies logic and the way. for instance, simply daily once it’s disclosed that the doctor is dead, all the opposite characters act covering up their own sins and no-one very makes a shot to search out out why the doctor meets together with his untimely death. the kid actor is certainly not able to tackle the role of a catalyst within the film and therefore the same goes for the director and scriptwriter yet. the sole mystery that has to be unfastened is why was ‘706’ created within the initial place.


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