22 Days (2018) Hindi Full Movie Download

22 Days

22 Days (2018) Hindi Full Movie Download

A poorly arranged mashup of scenes with below average performances.

Cast & Crew
Director,Actor: Shivam Tiwari
Actor: Rahul Dev, Sophia Singh, Hemant Pandey, Rajkumar Kanojia
Release Date: 14 Sep, 2018

22 Days (2018) Hindi Review:
Vishal (Shiivam Singh) may be a successful Mauritian business king UN agency cannot continuously pronounce Mauritius properly. His star is on the increase and he needs additional. The one weakness that he has is ladies. in fact he’s married, however that doesn’t stop him from having a fling along with his wife’s relief. once he’s not busy ogling lecherously at ladies, he’s busy falling his business rival Omtinos Zapario (Rahul Dev). However, the slick silver-haired Omtino features a villainous arrange of his own.

The terribly 1st scene within the film has the tearful leading actor/director apologise to the camera. a number of minutes within the film, you realise that the apology was really meant for the audience UN agency are going to be subjected to 2 hours of poorly acted and directed jumble of scenes. The soundtrack in many scenes is completely askew and simply once you thought that the more serious was over you’re hit with a song. additionally terribly odd is that the undeniable fact that the player within the film, in an exceedingly bid to urge pregnant, tells her husband to not wear cap whereas they create love. You surprise simply why she is therefore coy in expression the word safety. She later even fights with him as a result of he wore a ‘cap’ whereas they were creating love! With 2 hours of runtime and no discernible plot, you will need to moot before you catch this film!


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